Rules of the Road

Have Fun
Game of Homes is a unique and innovative way for residential energy professionals to accomplish two goals; extend their professional knowledge in a fun and challenging way while earning credits required for their professional accreditations.

Game of Homes is a scenario based educational game that requires high level analysis, decision-making and employment of the player’s knowledge base to solve real world problems. The user experience is straightforward, intuitive and requires no special computer skills or training. Information is presented in a thoughtful, visually compelling and accurate way that guides the user through the scenario seamlessly.

Game of Homes will foster competition through the accumulation of points. Point are earned by completing scenarios, challenges, social collaboration, and other activities. Points will be displayed in leaderboards that will show how players stack up against their peers. Players will be able to measure how they do on individual scenarios, or how they stack up at the global level.

Professional Development
That’s right, you can earn professional development and continuing education credits for RESNET and BPI. For every 6,000 points you earn through scenarios and mini-challenges you will earn 1 unit for certification maintenance. If you have another certification that you would like to earn credits for, we encourage you to let us know. We’ll propose it to the certification governing body. Have some fun and earn credits towards your professional development.

You deserve to be recognized for you commitment to professional development. Achievements in Game of Homes can be earned by a number of factors including meeting certain thresholds in the scenarios, community collaboration, submitting scenarios, being first, beating mini-challenges, and many others. Achievements are issued in the form of badges which describe the steps required to earn that badge. Badges are maintained in your profile, and can be shared across social media to demonstrate your commitment to your profession… and show others how cool you are. Achievements can also be stored in various digital forms to create a virtual resume that highlights your professional development.

We mad scientists at the EnergyLogic research and development lab welcome you to our community. Take part, be heard, show your skills, and remember to have fun. Together we are making a difference in the world and Game of Homes is here to celebrate our community of dedicated professionals.

Our sponsors are leaders and innovators committed to supporting the home performance industry. Thanks to their commitment it is the goal to keep Game of Homes free for our community. You can earn points by engaging with our sponsors by visiting their pages, reviewing their content, and providing them product insights. We are ever thankful for their commitment and support.

Game on!

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